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Access the data

The following data is available in XMLTV format:

To access the Plus data you need a JWT token which you will get after you donated. This token has to be added to each request in the header's Authorization field as "Bearer [token]". (If you use the TV-Browser plugin you can simply enter the token in the plugin's settings.)

For developers:

If you access the data make sure to avoid unnecessary requests and cache data as possible. To find out if any data changed since your last visit, you can look up the "last_update" file or make a HEAD request to "datalist.xml" to get the "Last-Modified" date.

If there have been changes on the server, download the "datalist.xml" file to find out which channels have updates on which dates. Download only those files that actually have been updated since your last visit.

All data is available as ".xml" file, which is sent gzip compressed (if supported by client) and as ".xml.gz" compressed file (even though they are not displayed in the lists on top of the page).

Keep in mind that the data is subject to copyright by the respective owners and must only be used for private, non-commercial use.